Advent and the Second Coming

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

For many people Christmas is the most commercial, social day of the year. It’s the culmination of a year-long marketing focus for stores and businesses. In their efforts to increase sales, many have sought to detach the holiday from the birth of Jesus. Instead, they’ve made Christmas just a celebration of good deeds and parties…a time for shopping and giving gifts…a day not focused on the future but merely on today.

Yet, in past centuries, Believers made the celebration of Jesus’ birth a time for reflection, fasting, and prayer. It was a time to seek God.

In fact, the season before Christmas was known as “advent” (meaning “coming”). Believers were encouraged to think about Jesus’ coming as a baby, but also His second coming and the fact that He will come again. Instead of being obsessed with worldly pleasures and possessions, they were to think about spiritual things. They were to consider their lives and ponder what Jesus meant to them, doing whatever was necessary to get their hearts right with Him.

In our modern culture, it’s easy to be swept along with all the trends and customs. How easily we can be preoccupied by our own pleasures and interests. By our families and careers. Our resources and relationships. Yet it is still critical for Believers to always focus on Jesus.

At this time of year, it is natural to think about His birth. But we must never forget His life, His death, and Resurrection. Nor should we lose sight of the fact that He will come again.
Dedicate your life to serving Him. And make sure you are ready for His return.