Your Advantages

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Superior numbers! This factor, according to careful studies of military historian, T.N. Dupuy, was a key reason why Napoleon Bonaparte was successful as a commander. If all other conditions were equal, Napoleon knew that a battle’s outcome usually was based on “superior numbers on the battlefield.” Dedicated to this principle, Napoleon always attempted to have more resources at hand than his adversaries. And the results spoke for themselves, in victory after victory.

Elisha’s servant, too, understood the importance of superior numbers. But, after counting the resources they faced, he felt that defeat was certain. Their adversaries, the Arameans, had more soldiers, and even chariots.

But Elisha was not worried. He knew that the hosts of Heaven were on their side, and that God’s army was infinitely superior to the Arameans, or any other force on earth.

Many Christians are so focused on the things of this world that they think that defeat is inevitable. Based on the resources they see, they assume they cannot win or even compete. Instead of trusting God, they feel hopeless.

In these situations, we need to remember what Elisha taught his servant. To realize that God has a Heavenly army on our side. As long as we serve Him, we always are in the majority.

Right now, do you feel outnumbered? Overwhelmed? Defeated? Stop trusting in human factors or resources, and place your trust in God. His army is surrounding you. Rejoice in the Lord, and commit your needs to Him. Then declare victory!