Acceptance and Encouragement

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

As a child in his native Austria, Franz Joseph Haydn demonstrated extraordinary musical abilities by the age of six, when he left home to become a full-time musician. He sang in choirs and began conducting and composing in his later youth.

His big break came when he entered the service of one of the wealthiest men in the Austrian empire, Prince Pál Esterházy. Based in the magnificent palace in Eisenstadt, in what today is eastern Austria, Haydn became music director of the prince’s orchestra. Given these resources, Haydn went on to write music in a variety of forms, including more than 100 symphonies, most of which were written while serving Esterházy.

Haydn realized that his success was in part the result of the way Esterházy accepted him and gave him freedom. He once observed that he received “the encouragement of constant approval” from the prince, and was given the freedom to experiment, “to improve, to alter, make additions or omissions, and be as bold as I pleased.” This encouragement provided the environment that allowed him to develop his full potential.

Many Christians fail to experience the blessings and freedom God has provided for them or fulfill their potential. Many are discouraged by mistakes or weighed down by worry or sin. They are filled with insecurity and doubt; and find it hard to believe that God really loves them, with many needing encouragement to accept Jesus’ finished work on the cross!

Today, remember that God loves and accepts you. Don’t allow doubt, worry, and anxiety to keep you from experiencing His fullest blessings. Confess your sins and be confident that He has forgiven you. Trust Him, and know that He has a wonderful plan for your life. Be encouraged, and be an encouragement to others that they, too, may be filled with the joy of the Lord.