Abide with Me

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Henry Francis Lyte faced significant obstacles that could have been crippling. Born in Scotland on this day in 1793, he was orphaned as a boy, yet overcame these challenging conditions to become a distinguished poet. Throughout his life he battled tuberculosis, which often left him weak but also gave him a compassionate heart, and a profound perspective about life. He once hoped to pursue a career in medicine but, instead, became a pastor, a ministry that gave him meaning and purpose.

Through these struggles, he learned that God always was with him. Late in life, facing declining health, he wrote a poem that expressed how much God’s presence meant to him. Based on Jesus’ encounter with the two men on the road to Emmaus, it was called “Abide with me.”

Facing problems, he learned to depend on God and His presence. On days that seemed gloomy, he could cry, “Lord, with me abide.” He realized that other people might fail him, and life’s comforts could disappear. But he always could trust in God, who was the “help of the helpless.”

Looking back on his life, he realized that earth’s joys may “grow dim” and “its glories pass away.” There might be “change and decay” all around. But he knew that God was with him through both “cloud and sunshine.” Because of His presence, he could be freed from fear, and triumph through every trial, and even in death.

Today, make sure that you are confident that God is with you. No matter the size of your problems, trust in Him. He is abiding with you, right now!