A Vessel for the Master

A Vessel for the Master

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

The piano competition had 80,000 participants. Who would win? Someone with flashy technique? A colorful personality? To the surprise of many, the winner was 13-year-old Rosalyn Tureck.

Born on this day in 1913, Tureck was mature beyond her years. She listened to her teachers and developed techniques passed down from masters through the generations.

Particularly influential was one teacher who was “a stern taskmistress,” rarely giving compliments, but rather imparting wisdom and discipline. The result was evident for all to hear. Showing this influence, Tureck’s performances were particularly brilliant.

Even when she was young, Tureck had a magical touch, described as warm and intimate “with awesome control and articulation at the softest dynamics” – technically perfect but not mechanical. She was focused on the music, not herself.

As she continued to mature, she studied not just the music but the background of composers. Reading history, art, and philosophy she developed “a deeper understanding” that enriched her own “concepts and performance.” Even today listeners can marvel at her natural approach that allows the composer’s concepts to shine.

The spiritual realm has parallels. Some seek to draw attention to themselves and express their opinions. But others realize that the key is to submit to the Author. We need to be pure vessels, to study and dig into His truth, seek His insights, and allow His wisdom to flow in and through us.