A Vapor of Wind

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

“I remember my youth and the feeling that will never come back any more—the feeling that I could last for ever.” These impressions were the work of author Joseph Conrad in his classic novel, Youth. But his words express the feelings common to many young people, for whom time seems to have no end. In their youthfulness, it may seem that life will “last for ever.”

Yet, as we age, we understand more clearly that life is short. The Bible says it is like “a wisp of vapor.” It quickly fades and soon is gone.

Many marketers want us to forget these facts, urging us to live for today. They promote the mindset that we will find contentment and pleasure through acquiring more “things.” We constantly are bombarded with advertisements designed to make us feel discontented, lusting after new things and experiences.

In themselves, there is nothing wrong with new things, products, or trends. But we must remember that filling our lives with these things is often just “chasing after the wind” (Ecclesiastes 1:14 NIV). The world’s pleasures don’t last. They can distract us and consume our hearts and minds, taking our attention off of serving God and living for Him.

Today, ask God to give you His perspective on your life and the things of this world. Don’t spend your time just chasing the wind or pursuing things that cannot produce lasting satisfaction.

Ask the Lord to help you evaluate your heart. Where is your treasure? What are you doing with your time and resources?

Remember: Your life is like a wisp of a vapor, gone in a flash. Make your life count for eternity. Invest your time, talent, and treasure into God’s Kingdom.