A Song in the Air

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Josiah Gilbert Holland was born into a poor, struggling family living in Massachusetts. As a boy he worked in a factory to help with the family finances. His goal became to be a doctor, and he graduated from Berkshire Medical College in 1844.

After attempting to establish a medical practice, Holland gave up and moved south, taking teaching positions first in Richmond, Virginia,. and then in Vicksburg, Mississippi.. Eventually, he became a an editor and writer, with works that included novels and poetry. As editor of Scribner’s Monthly, Holland had contact with some of the leading literary figures of his day, including Mark Twain and Emily Dickinson.

In 1872, Holland turned his literary talents to the story of the birth of Jesus, writing a special Christmas hymn. It is a song of reverence and joy, wonder, and celebration.

As if sharing that special moment with the shepherds near Bethlehem, Holland described sensing “a song in the air!” Sharing the experience of the magi, he declared, “There’s a star in the sky!” Everything pointed to that manger of Bethlehem, which they discovered was the resting place of the new King. But He was much more: He was “Lord of the earth.”

Holland knew that this was an event of cosmic significance. With poetic license he described the “tumult of joy o’er the wonderful birth.” How “the star rains its fire while the beautiful sing.”

He described the impact of Jesus’ birth, how the song of His birth “has swept over the world.” He described how wonderful it was “in the homes of the nations” who declare that “Jesus is King!”

Today, join with Holland, and “rejoice in the light.” Worship and praise Jesus, our Savior and King!