A New Creation

A New Creation

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

While a boy living in western Africa, Prince Kaboo was captured by a rival clan. As he was being tortured, he saw a bright light and heard a voice telling him to flee. He did not know what this meant, but somehow he escaped into the jungle and made his way to Monrovia.

There, he heard a missionary speak about Paul’s conversion. Thinking about his own experiences, he related to Paul’s story and committed his life to Christ. He was baptized as Samuel Morris, a name suggested by the missionary.

Growing in faith, he particularly desired to learn more about the Holy Spirit and decided to go to America. Putting into practice all he knew, Samuel walked to Robertsport, Liberia’s port city. There, he found a captain who agreed to let Samuel journey to America on his ship, working to pay for the passage.

Aboard the ship, Samuel discovered that the captain and crew had strong prejudices against Africans. He frequently was beaten and given dangerous assignments. Yet through the ocean voyage, he impressed his shipmates with his testimony as he openly prayed and sang Gospel songs.

By the time the ship docked in New York, the captain and most of the crew had accepted Christ – all because of Samuel’s witness.

His story demonstrates how God can use anyone for His Kingdom. Commit your life to Him. Have faith. Let your light shine, so He might use you to impact lives.