A Good Name

A Good Name

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

When do we start being influenced by others? Caring what other people think? A recent study provided some startling news. Even by the time they are two years old, children can change their behavior when they know they are being watched. They even can react differently to different kinds of comments.

Researchers concluded that this demonstrates how concerned human beings of all ages tend to be about their reputation.

As the Bible reminds us, our reputation is very important. In fact, a good name actually is more valuable than riches! Our reputation demonstrates the kind of life we have lived. It reflects our character and what others think of us.

How do we secure a good name? We secure a good name by being surrendered to the Spirit, by making Jesus the Lord of our lives, by living according to God’s Word, by acting with integrity, by keeping our promises and being trustworthy, and by being faithful in little things (Luke 16:10-12).

Think for a moment about people we respect. The mere mention of their names fills us with appreciation and confidence. We aspire to be like them. But we react differently toward people whom we do not respect.

Today, remember that other people are watching you. Your choices will impact how they think about you and how they think about the Gospel. Remember, you are called to seek a “good name.” Be careful in your choices.