A Different Dimension

A Different Dimension

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

People throughout the ancient world were dazzled by what they learned about Solomon, a man with astonishing insights. He mastered an amazing variety of subjects – history, nature, agriculture, politics, economics, practical problems, and much more. Yet few people understood how Solomon gained this wisdom. It wasn’t because of a superior education, a high IQ, or hard work. The source? It was sovereignly given to him by God.

Today, many people aspire to have the wisdom of Solomon. What they may not realize is that this doesn’t mean accumulating information or having a great memory. It means being blessed by God. Equipped with this wisdom, Solomon had a different dimension of understanding. He possessed supernatural insight along with “very great discernment.”

Amazingly, God didn’t reserve this just for a king like Solomon. He can give His wisdom to anyone.

The Bible says that this wisdom is available to anyone who asks in faith (James 1:5). It’s available to you! God will give you wisdom for anything you need – for any topic. He can give you discernment about people and the problems you face. He can help you make decisions and give you prophetic insights about the world.

Do you need wisdom? Humble yourself before God. Ask Him for the wisdom you need. Seek Him with faith. Seek to live in a way that is pleasing to Him. Fill your mind with Scriptures. Apply the principles found in His Word.