A Covenant Relationship

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Jonathan’s father, King Saul, demonstrated serious character flaws. He vacillated about his commitments and reinterpreted God’s Word to fit his circumstances. As a result, others weren’t sure what he believed or what he would do. In fact, Jonathan had to go to extra lengths to learn how Saul really felt about David.

In contrast to his father, Jonathan understood that his word was his bond. He honored his commitments and stuck to his agreements, regardless of the circumstances.

Jonathan understood the importance of covenant relationship. He knew that people who agree to covenants are committed to each other and will keep their promises. And even after Jonathan died in battle, David remembered their covenant and kept the promises they made to each other (2 Samuel 9:1-13).

Covenant is important in our relationship with God, because the Bible tells us that He is a God of covenants. God always keeps His Word, and His Word never changes, regardless of circumstances. He continually looks for people who understand these principles and know that His Word really is true. He seeks people who are so trustworthy that their word is their bond, both in their relationship with Him and with others.

People may change their minds, reinterpret their words, or forget their commitments when it’s convenient to do so. But God wants you to remember that He always keeps His commitments—and you always can trust Him! Base your life on His changeless Word. Seek to be a person who keeps your word and who is faithful in your relationships with God and others.