A Calm and Quiet Soul

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Facing an uncertain future, our minds can easily become overwhelmed with speculation and worry. Then, after an event has taken place, we can be plagued by a different kind of turmoil: Looking backward, we can become obsessed with the past, wondering if we did the right thing.

Facing these choices, is there any hope?

David learned how to have peace when faced with such problems. First, he learned the importance of being humble before God and submitting his mind and heart to Him. When he made mistakes, he knew he must confess them to Him.

Our human thinking can assume we must carry all the burdens ourselves. But humility and trust in God are keys to having a calm mind. As we commit our ways to the Lord, we should recognize that He’s the Creator and our Father. He cares for us and is watching over us.

David also said he calmed and quieted his soul “like a weaned child.” This presents a powerful picture, for children like this can be confident, knowing their mothers always are near, ready to help and comfort.

If you find yourself filled with turmoil and anxiety, start focusing on God. Commit your needs to Him. Speak His promises. Turn every problem over to Him, just as weaned children trust in their mothers.

Humble yourself in the presence of the Lord, and submit your life and every issue you face to Him. Then start praising Him and thanking Him for His answers.

Right now, calm and quiet your soul, and receive His peace. Place your hope in Him!