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Taking Your Selfie with God

by Mark Maulding

Many people find it fun to take “selfies” – pictures of themselves or close-ups with family and friends. But what if you could take a selfie with God? What would your picture reveal if you could take a photo of you and God together?

Perhaps you think your selfie with God would look different depending on the situation. So take a minute to think back to one of your worst days. Then imagine taking a selfie with God in that situation. What would your picture look like? Think about this image.

At one time in my life, my selfie with God would have showed Him sternly pointing to the next thing He wanted me to do. Although I’d be in the picture, I would be standing a few feet away, looking half-eager and half-tired, trying hard to obey.

What about you?

Feedback I’ve Received

When I’ve asked people to describe their selfie with God, here are some images they’ve described. Which mental picture do you relate to the most?

  • God is not in the picture. I am standing there alone.
  • God is far back in the background, a considerable distance away from me.
  • God is on His throne. I see steps between us, but they are broken, making access impossible.
  • God has a big stick in His hand, and I have a terrible look of fear on my face as I wait for Him to punish me for a sin I just committed.
  • God has His arms folded and a frustrated look on His face that says, “Why can’t you ever get it together?”
  • God is mad at me, and I’m crying because I always seem to mess up.
  • God is faceless, and I’m emotionless.
  • God looks disappointed as He and I both are nervously looking down at the ground beside each other.
  • God has His arm around me, and I have my arm around Him.
  • God is on His throne, and tears are running down my face as I kneel and worship Him.
  • God is giving me a big hug, and I’m joyfully hugging Him back.

Can You Relate?

Do you relate to one or more of these selfies? What if the selfie of you and God is fake news?  What if He’s actually wild over you with never-ending love, and you’ve been believing a big lie about who He is?

Wouldn’t it be great to find out the truth? Instead of basing your selfie on subjective feelings about your worthiness, I encourage you to believe what your Heavenly Father has said about you in the Bible all along:“I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.”  Jeremiah 31:3 NIV

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Mark Maulding is an ordained minister of the gospel and obtained his Master of Divinity from Southwestern Seminary. Mark was a church pastor for 10 years before starting Grace Life International, a counseling ministry located in North Carolina and online. Learn more at GraceLifeInternational.com



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