Logo Guidelines

The logo should be present at least once on every piece of communication. This includes color, grayscale, black or reversed-out white only for all communications that fall within the identity system. The Inspiration blue and gray version is used for corporate stationery, envelopes, PowerPoint presentations and other communications governed by the brand standards. The only place to obtain the Inspiration logo is from the Corporate Brand Marketing Web site. Once downloaded, the logo may not be manipulated.

Full Color

The Full Color logo option should be used in most cases. The use of the glyph with the workmark is optional.


The Reverse Logo option should be used when placing on a dark background or reversing out of an approved image.. When possible, the logo should be positioned on top of the image, black or dark blue background.

Single Color

The single color option can be used either utilizing a color from the corporate palette or grayscale depending on the use and application of the communication piece.