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Rusty Wright

Rusty Wright is an author and lecturer who has spoken on six continents.  He holds Bachelor of Science (psychology) and Master of Theology degrees from Duke and Oxford universities, respectively. Learn more at rustywright.com

The Christmas Story: Does It Still Matter?

What does Christmas mean to you? Times with family and friends? Perhaps carols, cards, television…

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Are You Listening? Do You Hear What I Hear?

Are You Listening? Have you ever missed a great opportunity because you weren’t listening…

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Surprised by Oxford Movie: Remedying Broken Relationships

Ever feel awkward opening yourself emotionally in a relationship? Got any family issues that make…

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‘Elvis’ Movie: All Shook Up Meets Heartbreak Hotel

Elvis lives. At least in the hearts of his fans, and they are everywhere. Warner Bros.' new Elvis…

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Miracle on Ice
‘Breakthrough’ Movie: Miracle on Ice?

  Ever meet someone who died…and lived to tell about it?  Breakthrough tells a startling,…

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Overcomer What Defines You
Overcomer Movie: What Defines You?

  What defines who you are?  Your job?  Your spouse, your partner, your accomplishments?  Does…

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Palau Movie
‘Palau’ Movie: Big Dreams, Remembering Roots

When you see a famous and popular person on television, in the movies, or in person, the glow of…

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Emanuel: The Charleston Church Shooting and Forgiveness

Do the frequency and horror of mass shootings ever overwhelm you?  Sometimes my mind struggles to…

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