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Daily Blessings

“I wake up every day to hear the Word and get my blessings through Inspiration Ministries. I appreciate everything. The wisdom and the loving words inspire me every day. I know you are there continuing to watch over me and my family and friends. Please continue to bless us and have great faith. Thank you!”

Takia L., PA

Wisdom & Inspiration

“Every word goes straight to my heart, can’t thank you enough for the wisdom and inspiration, you are a blessing to us and i pray that we too could touch lives and be like our God compassionate and full of love and hope.”

Cez O.


Since I found Inspiration Ministries, I have received words of encouragement from the daily teaching of the Word of God. I’ve shared these teachings with my wife, who is suffering from breast cancer, and this has given her hope that the Lord is going to heal her. Keep on sending those teachings to us. We know our God is able, and soon we shall be giving a testimony of my wife having been healed. Amen.”

George O., Kenya

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