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Inspiration TV has been on a mission to spread the Gospel of Christ to the ends of the earth since David Cerullo first launched the network in 2005. This powerful international network exists to save souls and share the life-giving message of Jesus all around the world.

To help fulfill this vision, we dedicate airtime to local churches and discipleship ministries, free of charge, to broadcast bold new salvation programs. During this special “salvation block,” Inspiration TV airs programs dedicated to proclaiming the Gospel message of salvation through Jesus Christ to our expanding audience — now over 100 million households in over 150 nations around the world!

Each week, Inspiration TV broadcasts 19 hours of programs that are focused on giving viewers an opportunity to surrender their hearts to Christ. No donations are requested or products offered during any of these evangelistic broadcasts.

At Inspiration TV, we know that as Christians, we’re called to share Jesus’ message of love and redemption with as many Souls around the world as we can.

“From the beginning, our passion has been to use television and other forms of media to reach lost people who wouldn’t ordinarily watch Christian programs,” David says.

Thanks to our faithful Inspiration Partners, God is using Inspiration TV to lift up the name of Jesus. Millions of people on every continent are hearing about His saving grace — many of them for the very first time.

More souls are being saved via Inspiration TV and our websites than
ever before. Every day, people are receiving Christ as their Lord and Savior!

Since 2001, the number of salvations from our website visitors and prayer center callers has increased by 30 percent. And in 2012 alone, we received nearly 9,000 salvation declarations — 2,000 more Souls saved than in the previous year!

A Powerful Original Program

One of our most impactful evangelistic specials is “Where Do People Go When They Die?” This original program of Inspiration Ministries shows the gripping near-death experiences of people who encountered the joys of Heaven or the terrors of hell. One of the most compelling stories features former heavyweight boxing champion George Foreman, who experienced a frightening brush with death. Viewers see how Foreman’s encounter with God restored his life after he became severely ill and almost died after a fight.

“I was dead,” Foreman says. “Nothingness was where I was.”

But then he felt the light of Heaven wash over him, and God’s grace restored him. “I met God and realized the life I’d been living without Him had been empty,” says Foreman.

A Harvest of Souls

Because of the seeds you’ve sown into God’s Kingdom through the Good Ground of Inspiration Ministries, we’ve received awesome testimonies like these from viewers of “Where Do People Go When They Die?”:

“I opened my heart to Jesus while watching your program.” – Manuel

“My mom passed away two weeks ago, and your program gave me the reassurance I needed.” – Angie

“Your program strengthened my anticipation of what God has promised for me in Heaven.” – Amy

Millions of people are confronted by this and other evangelistic specials, including programs from renowned ministers such as T.D. Jakes, Benny Hinn, Dr. Charles Stanley, Ron Luce, and many more. As David Cerullo points out, “Through television, we can change the world for good, one life at a time, positively impacting people’s values, beliefs, behavior, and relationship with God.”

This is your powerful soul-winning ministry, Inspiration Partners!
You can sow a financial seed to reach the lost through Inspiration TV.

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