Camp Cool Kids

Camp Cool Kids is a family-friendly movie about facing your fears.

When Spence (Connor Rosen, The Muppets) and his older brother, Zach (Logan Shroyer, The Waltons: Homecoming), lose their father and move to a new place with their mom (Leigh-Allyn Baker, Will & Grace) and grandpa, Spence has a hard time adjusting. Everything makes him anxious, and he isn’t sure where he fits anymore. But quirky Grandpa Norman (Michael Gross, Tremors) gives him the confidence he needs to confront his fears at camp.

At Camp Istrouma—aka Camp Cool Kids—Spence makes friends with guys in his cabin. He gains confidence and a sense of belonging. Meanwhile, Zach falls in with a team that likes to pick on Spence’s. An all-out battle ensues. Can the brothers overcome obstacles to find the relationship and adventure God has for them together? [TV-PG]


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