A Vow to Cherish

A happy husband and blessed business man, John is very grateful to God for his marriage and life. His wife, Ellen, is an elementary school teacher and dearly loves the children she teaches. She is also very happy with her husband and dedicated to her work and family.

That peace and contentment is interrupted one day when Ellen collapses as she is giving a speech. She is then rushed to a hospital in an ambulance where her husband comes to be by her side. The doctor’s diagnosis is not good: Tests show that Ellen has Alzheimer’s disease, a condition that will slowly rob her of her memory and erode her mind, causing her to forget the people around her. Devastated, John and Ellen place their lives in God’s hands and desperately pray for healing.

As time goes on, Ellen continues to get worse. She slowly loses all of her memories as the people around her, including her daughter, fade into unfamiliar faces. Her condition gets so bad, in fact, it starts to tear the family apart. John is blindsided by the situation and finds himself thrown into an emotional pit of despair. Without her, he is completely lost.

As he cries out to God, the Lord reaches out to him and powerfully restores his faith. John realizes what has happened to him and discovers that God never left him. Instead, he was the one who stopped listening. He returns to Ellen’s side as she slowly slips away. Heart-wrenching and deeply emotional, A Vow to Cherish is a must-see for all couples, reflecting love in its purest form and touching the hearts and lives of all who love a beautiful story.


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