Lion of Judah

Lion of Judah follows the adventure of Judah, a bold lamb and his friends who live in the stable with him. It’s the week before Jesus Christ is crucified, and they’re trying to avoid the sacrificial altar. This uplifting retelling of the Easter story is told through the eyes of Horace the pig, Monty the timid horse, Slink, a matter-of-fact rat, an easily-distracted rooster named Drake, Esmay, the cow who mothers them all, and Jack, a dispirited donkey. Interspersed with humor, this adventure twists and turns along the road the animals travel from the stable in Bethlehem to the Jerusalem temple and the hills of Calvary as they set out to save their friend. Included are the Bible stories of Palm Sunday, Jesus clearing the temple, Peter’s denial, and ultimately, a gentle retelling of the crucifixion and the resurrection.

Judah, the lamb with the heart of a lion, is a true hero as he faces his own quest with courage and faith. His friends also find hope as well as learn valuable lessons along the way.

Includes the acting talents of Ernest Borgnine and Sandi Patti.


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