We Were Enemies

“We killed everyone against us, even children,” a former Khmer Rouge soldier says in the We Were Enemies documentary that captures the life of two men who were once worst enemies. Years later, after accepting Jesus Christ into their lives, they are able to leave the past behind and live in love and peace.

It’s 1970 and complete turmoil has taken over Cambodia as General Lon Nol violently instates the Republic of Cambodia. An 18 year-old with a desire to liberate his country from the brutality of the new government joins a liberation army in hopes of freeing his people from oppression.

Fighting for liberation ends up turning this hopeful teenager into a gruesome murderer. The liberation army he joins is soon known as the Khmer Rouge, or the “Red” Khmer, because of how they plan to cover the earth with the blood of their enemies.

Fighting for the new charismatic leader Pol Pot, who seems to have the people’s best interests at heart, the Khmer Rouge army becomes responsible for a Cambodian genocide that kills millions. And it isn’t long before Pol Pot becomes a dictator and work camps are filled with the people of Cambodia, who are forced to do hard labor with little to eat.

A survivor from the work camp, wanting to retaliate, decides to join the Cambodian Salvation Front created to fight back against Pol Pot’s regime. Once more, a young man enlists with hopes of doing what is right for his people. But the cycle continues as this young man is also trained to become a gruesome murderer.

As the Cambodian Salvation Front soldiers fight against those of the Khmer Rouge, hatred and evil consume their hearts. So how is it that two men from these opposing forces eventually become as brothers in Christ?

Fighting thoughts of social rejection and fear of the unknown, both men find themselves not only running from their enemies, but also running from God’s calling. Hear the testimonies of how these men came to accept the Jesus Christ who could free them from all their sins and give them everlasting life…despite all the blood on their hands.

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