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God Has Done It — with the Inspiration Ministries TV App

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Ever wondered whether today’s new-fangled apps make a difference? Well, this testimony from Daniel in Nigeria will answer that question … and show you how God used the Inspiration Ministries TV app to change a life.

Technology can be a love/hate relationship with many people. While it can do many great things, it can also be frustrating at times. That’s what happened to Daniel last year. As he was trying to download another app on his phone, the Inspiration Ministries TV app popped up on his screen.

As Daniel ate his lunch that day, he began reading our daily devotions. “A light shone into my heart,” he says, “then I fell in love with the message because of my broken insides.” Since then, God’s peace has continued to fill his heart as he reads Inspiration’s devotions and feasts on His Word every day.

Despite facing daily challenges, Daniel is thrilled to share his joy with his friends and family members because of “the Spirit and life brought to him via God’s Word.”  Not only has he been delivered from perversion, alcohol and drugs, Daniel feels a newfound confidence in his destiny in Jesus.

“God has done it,” he says. “My joy is unending because of the Word of God.”

Today, Daniel continues to use the Inspiration Ministries TV app daily as a divine resource. It’s a “wonderful experience in the revelation of God’s Word,” he says. His newfound understanding has helped him impact others for Jesus—revealing an amazing calling from God that continues to guide his footsteps.

“Thank you, Jesus Christ, and thank you and your team for making such a life-changing app available to the world. I love you!”

Have you downloaded our Inspiration Ministries TV app yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Our app is FREE and available for IOS and Android devices. 

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