Baby Olivia’s Medical Miracle

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries4 Minutes

In the Lone Star State of Texas, Jeana and Ron were raising their two small children when Jeana became pregnant with their third child. Their hearts were filled with cheerful anticipation in soon becoming a family of five. “My wife was healthy,” Ron shares, “and everything seemed to be going well.” Because they already had two healthy pregnancies, Jeana and Ron were confident this pregnancy would be no different.

But one afternoon, Jeana noticed something frightening happen – something she had never experienced in her other pregnancies. The baby inside her womb, who often moved to make her presence known, became eerily still. She and Ron immediately rushed to the hospital, hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst.

Indeed, something terrible had happened, and baby Olivia was fighting for her life inside Jeana’s body. “The obstetrician explained the devastating news that our unborn baby had suffered a level-four stroke and was bleeding inside her brain,” Ron remembers. “He said our baby would either die in the womb or be born with severe brain damage, mental retardation, blindness, or cerebral palsy.”

Having had no previous indication of baby Olivia’s stroke, the news was almost unbelievable. Yet Ron recognized the severity of the situation all too well. “As a physician myself, I fully understood the danger we faced. A level-four stoke in utero is incredibly rare, occurring in fewer than one in a million babies. But that’s the heartbreak we were facing.”

Praying for a Miracle

Despite these upsetting circumstances, Ron and Jeana knew there was only one thing that could turn things around for baby Olivia…the power of prayer. So they began to call all of their loved ones, urging them to pray in agreement for God to spare baby Olivia’s life.

When Ron called his grandmother for prayer, she took her request to the International Prayer Center at Inspiration Ministries. As an Inspiration Partner, she knew the Lord worked powerfully through the Inspiration prayer ministers every single day. In faith, she joined together with one of the prayer ministers and declared that Olivia would be completely healed.

What the Doctor Declared ‘Hopeless’

Meanwhile, just 12 hours after she arrived at the hospital, the doctor ordered that Jeana be taken to the operating room for a Cesarean section. In ways only explained by the power of prayer, baby Olivia was born – alive, healthy, and miraculously showing no signs of the stroke that nearly took her life!

What the doctor declared “hopeless,” the Lord declared “healed!”

Overwhelming Gratitude

With their miracle baby now at the precious age of two years old, Ron reports, “Olivia Jean is now walking, talking, and developing like a very normal toddler. She’s living proof that God can transform a life-threatening circumstance into a wonderful gift of life!”

Jeana, Ron, and Ron’s grandmother are overcome with gratitude for the prayers of their friends, family, and the Inspiration Ministries prayer team. How wonderful that Ron’s grandmother knew she could count on the Inspiration prayer ministers to pray with her during their time of desperate need.

“Jeana and I believe in God’s power to heal and deliver!” Ron exclaims. “We give glory to the Lord Jesus for hearing our prayers.

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