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paying off debt


Dave Says: Remember, You’re a Team

Dear Dave, Earlier this month, my husband and I both were laid off from our jobs within a few days…

Dave Says: Which Comes First?

Refinance in Baby Step 2? Dear Dave, My husband and I are on Baby Step 2, and we’ve paid off about…

3 Small Ways to Boost Your Credit Score
3 Small Ways to Boost Your Credit Score

Credit can feel like an ethereal concept, just operating as a mysterious number floating around in…

5 Tips for Staying Motivated While Paying Off Debt

If you’re in the middle of your debt-free journey, your motivation may be in a slump. The…

Dave Says: Not Really an Emergency

Dear Dave, My husband and I are close to having our home paid off and being completely debt-free.…

Dave Says: Push the Pause Button

Push the Pause Button Dear Dave, I’ve been following your plan, but recently I experienced a…