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Jesus Resurrection Fact Fiction
Jesus’ Resurrection: Fact or Fiction?

At Easter, some might wonder what all the fuss is about. Who cares? What difference does it make if…

Blossoms in Desert
Blossoms in the Desert

“The Lord will comfort Israel again and have pity on her ruins. Her desert will blossom like Eden,…

The Secret of Jesus’ Easy Yoke
The Secret of Jesus’ Easy Yoke

A friend of mine was quite late for his appointment with me. He finally arrived breathless as he…

Need Good News?

Even if your life seems dark and dreary, the angelic message points the way to incredible joy and…

Finding Freedom in Your Fiery Furnace

“Our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace.” - Daniel 3:17 Usually…

Why Are the Prophecies About Jesus Before He Was Born Significant to Me?

It has been said, Jesus is in the Old Testament concealed and in the New Testament revealed. Many…

Good Shepherd Is Looking for You
Good Shepherd Is Looking for You!

“How are you … really? What do you need? What are you hoping for? How can I pray for you?” When…

He’s Still Turning Water into Wine
He’s Still Turning Water into Wine

If I asked you where Jesus did His first miracle, what would you say? Many people would assume the…