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myths about prosperity
17 Myths About Prosperity

Excerpt from 17 Myths About Prosperity by David Cerullo Myth #4: Advocates of prosperity are…

Choose Your Destiny: Fear or Faith
Choose Your Destiny: Fear or Faith

God’s plan for each of us is grand and glorious. Unfortunately, the devil has a plan too … fear and…

Stepping into New Abundance
Stepping Into New Abundance

Friend, it’s time for you to leave the past behind and move forward into a new place of freedom and…

Favor Is God’s Reward for Obedience
Favor Is God’s Reward for Obedience

Throughout the Bible, the repeated request from God is for our obedience to Him. He doesn’t really…

Your Ticket to Joy
Your Ticket to Joy

In this crazy world, we find ourselves living in, the prospect of experiencing joy often seems out…

Multiplying Oil
Multiplying Your Little Bit of Oil

Second Kings, chapter four, tells the remarkable story of a woman who serves as a model for us on…

What's That in Your Hand
What’s That in Your Hand?

I meet a lot of believers who feel like they simply don’t have what it takes. They say they would…

Say Goodbye to Poverty
Say Goodbye to Poverty

Your words hold the power of life and death (Proverbs 18:21). No wonder they are also a powerful…

Getting Out of Debt and Going for the Gold

If you’re experiencing heavy debt right now, you know that burden didn’t happen overnight.…