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Prepare for Takeoff

Have you ever struggled with trusting God to be in control of your life? Using a vintage Curtiss C-46 Commando airplane to help illustrate the principles of God’s faithfulness, David Cerullo, describes God’s desire to guide us in every situation.

In this 10-day series, David explains that God doesn’t want to just be our co-pilot…as the famous bumper sticker says. He wants to be the Pilot of your life! God wants to help you fly straight through life’s storms. He has given you instruments to help you fly smooth and level – His Voice and His Word, which guide you to the right decisions. This video series will help you to understand how to rely on God in all seasons and situations, smooth or rough, as you pursue the hopes and dreams He’s placed in your heart.

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Trusting Your Instruments

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Knowing Your Gifts

Are You Prepped for Flight?

Landing is the Hardest Part

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