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Break Through

Just about everyone needs a breakthrough in some area of their life, whether in their health, finances, family, career, or peace of mind. David Cerullo explains how to pray breakthrough prayers that will unleash more of God’s power and His blessings in your life.

Instead of giving up when things get tough, Jesus encourages us to keep asking, seeking, and knocking until our breakthrough comes. The principles in this series will enable you to break free from the Land of Not Enough or Barely Enough. David shares keys to a new beginning in the Land of MORE Than Enough.

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Prepare for Your Breakthrough

The Battle for Your Breakthrough

Break Through to a New Season of Blessings

Embrace the Lord of Breakthroughs

Break Free from Sins

 Recognize the Power of God's Word

Recognize the Power of God's Word

Learn the Discipline of Prayer

Meditate on These Things

Find a Special Time and Place to Mediate on God's Word

Expect Results from Your Prayers

Change Your Perspective on Prayer

Take Your Problem to the Judge

Lord, Teach Us to Pray

Move God's Hand Through Prayer

Learn to Forgive Yourself

Stand in Your New Identity in Christ

Believe God for Miracles and Healing

The Power of Forgiveness


Now’s Your Time for Your Breakthrough