Why Do I Live and What For?

Henry MadavaBy Henry Madava3 Minutes

And Jesus said to them, Come after me, and I will make you fishers of men. And they went straight from their nets, and came after Him Mark 1:17-18

In every period of our life, there are people around trying to show us the meaning of life based on their personal understanding and perception. As a result, we can perceive ourselves based on someone’s thoughts and beliefs. While asking ourselves about the meaning of life and not finding the answer, we can be at a loss. Without knowing the reason of existence, even having all the material wealth, one can live with a feeling of deep dissatisfaction and inner devastation. It is the state that leads to many problems. We do not live for the sake of just feeding ourselves, but we live in order to make people’s lives better and to make a difference.

The Gospel of Mark tells us how Apostle Peter and his brother Andrew were called upon. It would seem that they have already found themselves in what they were living for: to continue their father’s trade, to catch and sell fish. They were doing well—the fishing business was popular and profitable at that time. However, when Jesus called them to do more important things on one day, namely to save human souls, they immediately left their regular tasks. After hearing the call of the Lord, Apostle Peter and his brother decided to get into something greater and more significant, something that would accompany them in eternity.

God expects everyone to contribute to His Kingdom. To this end, we need to use everything we have: all our gifts and abilities—spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental. We need to stretch out our hand to people not to receive but to give, help, advise, and save. The deeds we have done don’t fade away – they stay and influence all the next generations.

Understanding our purpose and goal will inspire us on the day of depression, will raise us from the fall, will restore our hope on the day of betrayal. It will strengthen us and prevent us from breaking into pieces. To find the sense of life means to find oneself. The best version of you is when you are moving in your calling!

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