The Release That Brings You Increase

The Release That Brings You Increase

Jentezen FranklinBy Jentezen Franklin2 Minutes

If you’re in a financial mess, you need to understand that your present doesn’t have to be your future. If you walk with God, your problem is only temporary because He wants to bless His children.

Don’t allow yourself to surrender to a poverty mentality and think, “I will never get out of this.” That is not God’s voice! His voice is always full of freedom and hope.

God is Jehovah-Jireh, your Provider. He’s able to deliver you from every yoke of bondage to debt, poverty, and financial loss. If He provided release every seven years for indebted slaves in Israel, you can be confident He will also deliver you today through the better covenant, the blood of Jesus.

God is a supernatural God, not bound by natural circumstances. He works miracles in every realm of life for those who call upon Him and believe Him. He can supersede any natural law of finance to work miracles of prosperity for His people. That means He can step into your situation in an instant with supernatural provision beyond all logic.

When God delivered Israel from their bondage in Egypt, He allowed them to plunder the Egyptians. In addition to being released from slavery, His people were freely given gold, silver, jewelry, livestock, and anything else they asked for. Miraculously, they left their land of slavery with overflowing abundance.

Your day of release can be just as dramatic, as the Lord releases you to receive His increase. Begin to declare, “My best days are still ahead. God can take me into His promised land and bless me beyond my wildest dreams!”