Seeking a Word from God

Seeking a Word from God?

Dr. Michael BrownBy Dr. Michael Brown2 Minutes

Often I meet people who are seeking some dramatic experience with God that will set them free from their problems. But I’m convinced that a better approach is to focus on our day in and day out walk with the Lord. Getting back to the basics of our faith will provide the supernatural growth we need for the breakthroughs we seek.

Be obedient. Stay in His presence. Stay in His Word.

I certainly believe in God’s sudden, miraculous interventions. But too often we overlook the simple keys to victory – things like being obedient, staying in the Lord’s presence, and spending time in His Word.

Several years ago, I had a friend who would go to one prophetic conference after another in search of “a word from God.” One day I told him I had an important word from the Lord for him. His eyes lit up. He was excited!

However, he seemed disappointed when I told him the message God had put on my heart for him: The word he needed was THE Word!

This is as true for you and me as it was for my friend that day. Yes, God can supernaturally speak to us through His Spirit, but the most important word we need to seek is the Word He’s already given us in the Scriptures.

Instead of chasing spiritual goose bumps, we need to open our hearts to the Lord daily, saying, “Speak to us, Father!” Dramatic changes will occur over time as we commune with Him day by day, eating a nutritious spiritual diet from His Word.

So quit looking for spiritual shortcuts, my friend. Only a deep, consistent, personal relationship with the Lord will bring you the true freedom and victory you seek.

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