Reaching Even Closed Nations for Christ

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration MinistriesNovember 30, 20223 Minutes

If you are an Inspiration Partner, you may have never thought of yourself as a missionary – but you are! No matter where you live, your financial seeds are sending the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world through television, the Internet, and social media.

Through your financial seeds for souls, God is transforming lives in more than 200 nations as they receive the Good News of the Gospel!

Many of the testimonies we receive are from nations where it’s illegal to preach about Christ through conventional means:

Christian programming in a Muslim nation: “I am writing to send you a financial seed toward your television ministry. It is a great blessing to watch Christian programming here in this Muslim country. I am praying for many more people to come to the Lord Jesus Christ through your ministry.” – Robert, Oman

Material for spiritual growth: “I have recently been born again, and it seems like a miracle to receive your broadcasts since Christian material isn’t allowed at all here in Saudi Arabia. I need material for my spiritual growth, and God wants me to have this!” – Richard, Saudi Arabia

Born again: “Your teachings on Inspiration TV have touched my wife and me. We became born-again Christians through your teaching. Thank you so much. May God continue to increase your impact!” – E.N., Libya

Expanding God’s Kingdom: “We’ve discovered that by partnering with Inspiration Ministries to fulfill the Great Commission, we can more effectively expand God’s Kingdom. From Europe to countries in southern Africa, people email and call us to share how God has touched their lives.” – Joe, United Kingdom

Lifting up the name of the Lord: “It has been an awesome privilege to share the Gospel through Inspiration TV. God is doing wonderful things, and we receive calls from viewers in Australia, Africa, Europe, and many other places. It’s a great thing when people of different nations join together to lift up the name of the Lord, and I am blessed to be a part of it.” – Chioma, United Kingdom

Filling the earth with His glory: “God is mightily using Christian television to reach out to souls all over the world. Inspiration Ministries is being used to help fulfill the Great Commission and fill the earth with His glory!” – Godfrey, Nigeria

Thank you, Inspiration Partners! This is your soul-winning and discipleship ministry, and the fruit will abound to your account in Heaven (Philippians 4:17).