Rare TEDx Talk About Jesus and the Afterlife

Tyler EllisBy Tyler Ellis2 Minutes

What YouTube channel has an astonishing 25.7 million subscribers from around the world? The answer is: TEDx Talks.

TED/x Talks have become a hugely popular and respected platform today where people go to watch short and polished presentations about every topic you can imagine. Still, the number of speakers who have presented on the topic of Jesus is almost zero.

Tyler Ellis set out to do this very thing. While his original TEDx Talk was entitled, Jesus Is Not [Just] A Role Model, it was published on YouTube as, Finding Meaning In Daily Acts of Good.

In his 15-minute talk, Tyler shares about the unexpected adventures and discoveries he experienced interviewing 50 people of different beliefs and backgrounds.

Backed by research from the Barna Group, he also shared a big discovery that suggests nearly half of the Christians in the United States just might be misunderstanding their own worldview as it pertains to Jesus.

Already, the presentation has garnered nearly 15,000 views, with captions translated into 14 languages. It has been featured by Outreach Magazine, ChurchLeaders.com, Preach Magazine, and Campus Ministry Today; shared on social media by reputable Christian leaders such as Lee Strobel, Karen Swallow Prior, Rice Broocks, Greg Stier, Eric Metaxas, Mark Mittelberg, J. Warner Wallace, David Limbaugh, Mary Jo Sharp, and Abdu Murray; and it has been covered on radio programs and podcasts including Billy Graham Radio, Point of View, and The Common Good.

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