If Not Now, When

If Not Now, When?

David ChadwickBy David Chadwick1 Minutes

There is a short phrase from the Jewish Talmud that I love. It simply reads, “If not now, when?” It’s addressing the never-ending problem of procrastination. We keep putting off decisions that we know we must make. We feel a leading or nudging to start chasing a dream, then doubts enter and we put off beginning the chase.

For all of you who have a dream to chase, for all of you who have something magnificent you want to do with your life, please read and reread the short maxim from the Talmud: “If not now, when?”

If you aren’t going to begin chasing your dream today, when will you? When are you going to begin? When will you stop procrastinating and start doing what you know you were called to do?

Procrastination is decision-making’s version of hardening of the arteries. The longer you put something off, the more ossified the dream becomes in your soul. Doubt enters. You start to believe it can never happen. Finally, unbelief cripples all your energy.

Begin today! Take a few small steps toward your dream. Don’t procrastinate any longer.

If not now, when?