Mark Sowersby and Forgiving the Nightmare

John FarrellBy John Farrell2 Minutes

Forgiving the Nightmare is a testimony of forgiveness, God’s grace, and overcoming in the midst of life’s hurts, pains, and abuses. Mark Sowersby has been rescued and restored through prayer and the power of God’s Word. His testimony of reconciliation is timeless, yet so important for today in a world of broken people, shattered dreams, and damaged relationships. There is hope in Jesus.

According to the website for Forgiving the Nightmare, Sowersby was rejected by his father and neglected by his mom, who brought a man into their lives who would rape, abuse, sell, and torture him to the point that it broke him. But when Sowersby was 16 something awesome happened—he fell in love with Jesus Christ and immediately recognized God’s love for him. He accepted Jesus into his life and is blessed by God’s grace and mercy.

God has played such an important role in Sowersby’s journey. He’s put people in his path and given him all that he’s needed. As he sheds the pains of his past, Sowersby’s life is filled with God’s grace, and he doesn’t allow those pains to identify him anymore. Instead, he’s replaced those pains with God’s mercy, love, and truth. His book, Forgiving the Nightmare, is more than just forgiving the abuse, but it’s walking in forgiveness, joy, and not allowing the past to control his future.

Mark Sowersby is an ordained minister and has been in ministry for over 25 years. He and his wife Jennifer have been married for seventeen years and are parents of four children. He is currently the Pastor of Calvary Community Church in central Massachusetts. Sowersby and his wife, Jennifer, launched Forgiving the Nightmare Ministry in 2020. He holds a BA in theology from Zion Bible College/Northpoint Bible College.

Sowersby joins Inspiration Ministries’ John Farrell to discuss his book, Forgiving the Nightmare, his story, forgiveness, how to move forward after experiencing the type of pain and abuse he experienced growing up, and much more. Watch the interview below and order your copy of Forgiving the Nightmare.

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