Live the Supernatural Life

Live the Supernatural Life!

Ben CerulloBy Ben Cerullo5 Minutes

Who said that being a Christian means living free of problems or struggles? Just because we have a relationship with Jesus does not mean that life will be a stroll down easy street. Life can be tough. And as Christians, we have extra challenges. Before we were saved, we were no threat to the devil. But when we accepted Jesus into our heart, we became an enemy of Satan.

We live in two worlds – the natural world and the supernatural (spiritual) world. Both are going on around us. One we can see naturally; the other we cannot. When we are faced with battles or temptations, our victory comes from the supernatural! We fight from a position of victory when we know who we are, why we are here, and how to live supernatural truths within this natural world.

Supernatural Identity

At one time or another, we’ve all believed lies of the enemy: “You’re worthless You’ll never be good enough … You’ll never amount to anything.” These lies can come from toxic relationships and failures. But whatever you’ve heard or believed until now, this truth can set you free:

Jesus Christ has chosen you!

Jesus didn’t choose you because of your worthiness. You’ve been chosen simply because He loves you and has a great purpose for your life. He’s prepared you for this moment in history, so you can bear fruit for His Kingdom. You have important things to do!

The Bible says you’re a child of God, a saint, and His chosen servant. You have an amazing calling, and He has strategically positioned you to demonstrate the Kingdom of Heaven through your life. This is your destiny.

Supernatural Purpose

Even if you’ve done things you regret, or there are things you’d like to change about yourself, remember this: Your life is not just a chance happening! When you were created, God didn’t haphazardly throw together a bunch of traits. He created you for a unique calling.

Believe what God’s Word says about you! Paul wrote, “We are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them” (Ephesians 2:10). The Greek word for workmanship is poiema, which can be literally translated as a work of art. It’s the source of the English word poem.

In God’s eyes, you are beautifully designed and appointed to do great work here on earth. No matter what you may think of yourself at this moment, you are His priceless work of art!

Supernatural Living

The Bible is full of stories of ordinary people who were deemed failures by those around them. Yet God enabled them to do mighty things. Supernatural living comes when you believe what God says about you!

The Lord is saying, “I don’t care what others say about you. I created you, and all I see is greatness. I created you to do things nobody else can do.” You don’t have to be a superstar. God is looking for faithfulness rather than flashiness. He can use anyone to shake the world through the power of the Holy Spirit!

No matter how ordinary you think you are, you are special to God. He doesn’t care how much money you make, how much influence you have, what you look like, how old or young you are, or how much or little education you have. All He needs is for you to know today that He has chosen you.

Let God break the chains of doubt, fear, or low self-esteem off your life. He’s saying to you, “I want you to believe in yourself as I, the Lord your God, believe in you. Let Me give you My perspective on your life!”