Carole Engle Avriett and Extravagant Love

John FarrellBy John Farrell3 Minutes

Riches and pleasure usually mark the extravagance of human rulers, but the extravagant love of God makes itself poor for the sake of others. In her new book, Extravagant Love: Exploring God’s Passion for Us, Carole Engle Avriett dives deep into scripture, helping readers connect with the true heart of God by studying twelve of His most extravagant characteristics, including thoughtfulness, creativity, and mercy. As God’s personality comes alive on the page, readers will be transformed by his steadfast love.

“God’s love for us … is lavish to the point of being almost nonsensical,” Avriett says. “Once we begin to perceive the sort of love He has for us … our innermost beings start to change. Because in the face of such unveiled extravagance, we catch a tiny glimpse of ourselves as He sees us and what we could be.”

In Extravagant Love, Avriett pulls from well-known stories like that of the thief on the cross in the book of Luke, as well as lesser-known Old Testament stories like Aaron’s almond branch in the book of Exodus to examine God’s relationship with his people throughout history. As a scholar of history, Avirett provides cultural insights and context so that the full weight of each passage is revealed.

Carole Engle Avriett is a nationally known speaker and best-selling author. Her distinguished publishing career includes writing for Southern Living Magazine and over 14 years as their Homes Editor, producing hundreds of articles on architectural and interior design and co-authoring several books with the magazine, notably At Home with Southern Living. Currently, she invests her skills full-time writing Christian books and military history memoirs, the latter sparked by a family steeped in military service. In addition to writing, Carole leads women’s conferences, often sharing her powerful testimony of personal struggle until Christ came into her life at the age of thirty. Carole and her husband have often served as missionaries to Brazil with their church’s missions program.

Avriett sits down with Inspiration Ministries’ John Farrell to discuss Extravagant Love: Exploring God’s Passion for Us, as well as God’s character traits, how understanding ancient customs and symbols can help us understand scripture, her life verse, and much more.

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