Caitlyn Scaggs Reminds All Women They’re Worth It & Wonderful

John FarrellBy John Farrell2 Minutes

Caitlyn Scaggs is a wife, mother, advocate, college administrator, former police officer, and daughter of Christ. However, she can now add published book author to her growing list of titles. Over the past couple of years, Scaggs has written countless articles on a variety of topics for Inspiration Ministries, including living bravely, enjoying life, practicing soul care, and finding grace, among others, but her first book, Worth It & Wonderful: Inspiration for Christian Women to Live Bravely and Boldly, released on January 17, 2023.

With the publication of Worth It & Wonderful, Scaggs hopes to biblically empower women to live a life that is joyful and to push through the feelings of discouragement, insecurity, and being burned out. While these are all universal emotions and everyone at some point in their life will probably feel one or all of them, every woman should remember that they are a bright, shining light in this sometimes dark world, and they are indeed … worth it and wonderful.

Scaggs joins Inspiration Ministries’ Digital Content Manager John Farrell to discuss her faith journey, her philanthropic work with New Hope Girls, and her new book. She reminds us that faith should not be something we put on the shelf Monday through Saturday and only pull out and dust off on Sunday mornings. Instead, faith should be a part of our daily relationship. When you have an enthusiastic relationship with Jesus, it changes everything — our marriage, our children, and our experiences. Our personal relationship with Jesus Christ is the one differentiating factor that will ensure we are indeed worth it and wonderful.

We hope you enjoy the below video of John Farrell’s conversation with Caitlyn Scaggs.



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