God Orchestrated a Miracle!

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries4 Minutes

Abandoned by her husband and faced with a huge load of debt, Janet saw God come to her aid when she took a step of faith to Sow a financial Seed into God’s Kingdom.

After building a new house, Janet and her husband faced severe financial problems. They had run up $30,000 in credit card debt, all of which was in Janet’s name.

Just a few months after the house was completed, Janet’s husband announced he was leaving her for another woman.

“I was devastated,” she recalls. “Not only was I losing the husband of my dreams, but my children were losing their father, a man they dearly loved. And without his financial help, I saw no way to make ends meet.”

In the midst of her devastating circumstances, Janet sensed God leading her to take an unthinkable step of faith: She Sowed a financial Seed to win Souls through Inspiration Ministries.

“This was not easy for me, since I had hardly any money at the time,” she says. “But when I Sowed my Seed, I fully believed that God would help me get out of debt.”

Just as Janet hoped, the Lord began to intervene on her behalf. “A few weeks after my husband left, a man called and asked if I would sell him some of the land directly in front of my house. Amazingly, I hadn’t even advertised this, nor did I have a ‘For Sale’ sign up. But the property quickly sold, easing my financial worries. Although I still needed to sell my house, I knew God would orchestrate that miracle too!”

Instead of using a realtor, Janet decided to just place a small ad in the Sunday newspaper and hope for the best. But this was during the height of the horrible crash of the real estate market a few years ago. Even if a house sold, the purchase price was usually well below market value.

However, by the very next evening after the ad appeared, she had a signed contract for her house, for only slightly less than her asking price! And even though she thought the sale of the extra land in front may have devalued the house, she actually gained $10,000 over the appraisal amount by selling these two pieces of property separately!

“Now I’ve purchased a new, smaller home that I love,” Janet reports. “And throughout these transitions, God protected my credit rating and caused my business and career to flourish.”

More than just the remarkable financial blessings she received, Janet is grateful for the lessons she has learned about trusting God’s provisions and Sowing Seeds into His Kingdom. “I’m more excited than ever about seeing the Lord’s favor as I Sow financial Seeds,” she explains. “I’ve discovered that it’s about a lot more than just ‘giving God money’—it’s about recognizing Him as our wonderful Provider.”

The same faithfulness God showed to Janet through the principle of Seedtime and Harvest, He will show to YOU!