A Muslim Journey to Hope | Inspiration Ministries

A Muslim Journey to Hope

by Inspiration Ministries

Smiling Muslim woman in a learning environment

Muslims around the world are finding hope and transformation through the Good News of Jesus Christ. Men and women who grew up in Islam are testifying that their lives changed when they met the true God as their Heavenly Father, receiving His Son Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Watch inspiring videos of former Muslims sharing their stories of faith in Christ. Learn about the differences between Islam and Christianity in a helpful section of Questions and Answers. Download the Bible and inspirational books in Arabic or English, and access a list of Christian ministries that assist former Muslims in their new life in Christ.

Wherever you presently stand on your journey of faith, know that God loves you! He wants you to come to know Him personally, and He will give you assurance of your eternal destiny with Him in Heaven. He will hear your prayer when you cry out to Him to save and transform you!

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