Savannah Sunrise

Joy Miles thinks she’s taking a simple road trip to move her mother-in-law, Loraine, from Louisville to Savannah. Complete opposites, the two women manage to tolerate each other—barely. Type A+ personality, Joy is consumed with a high-stakes project at work. She has her days scheduled to the second. Now widowed, free-spirited Loraine is moving to a retirement community, no longer a preacher’s wife, but a woman on her own. Her insights about life and family get under Joy’s skin, challenging Joy to take a hard look at her whirlwind career and her priorities. As the weekend unfolds, with its outrageous adventures, hilarious encounters and heart-to-heart revelations, the women come to see each other through new eyes, and both women make an astounding discovery: they need each other more than they know.


TV Airings: Saturday, May 7 at 9p US ET | 21:00 UK

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