David Cerullo


The Inspiration Ministries team and I are honored by your visit here today, and we are blessed by your Partnership in this ministry! Please know that we are deeply committed to serving you through ministry and prayer. Whether you join us on these web pages or visit us on the air, we are here for you!

We Are Here for You!

The words come from our heart, and they represent our commitment to help you in your spiritual journey.

We traveled some bumpy roads along life’s journey, but through the experience we learned to trust the Lord and lean into His presence for peace, comfort, direction, and healing!

When God allows us to go through a particular situation, it’s for a reason, and He is always gracious to give us the strength, the wisdom, and the resources to do what He asks.

The operative words are “go through.” God intends to take all of us “through.” King David said, “Though I go through the valley of the shadow of death you are with me!” Don’t pitch a tent and camp out in your valley. Take God by the hand, trust Him, and go through to victory!

We Support Your Journey

We’re here to help strengthen your spiritual walk and bring you hope and encouragement along life’s journeys.

We consider it a privilege to pray for and with you, our Inspiration Partners. Regardless of the difficulty of whatever circumstance you may be facing, know this: God has not planned any defeats for you!

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May God bless you abundantly!


David  Cerullo