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How God Uses the Love of Mothers

by Inspiration Ministries

For many of us, one of the most supportive people throughout life is our mother. She is there to care for and protect us as infants and toddlers, when we are most vulnerable to the dangers of this world.

God has placed kindness, compassion, and tenderness in the hearts of mothers. He has also endowed mothers with a strong sense of protection. We see the love of God in the kindness and understanding of mothers.

A moving Biblical example is found in Jochebed, the mother of Moses. Fearing the growth of the Children of Israel in Egypt, Pharaoh decreed that all Hebrew baby boys were to be thrown into the Nile. To save the life of her child, Jochebed placed Moses in a basket and released him into the river, trusting God to guide the baby to safety.

The basket was discovered by the daughter of the Pharaoh who had compassion on the child and took him into her home. As a result of these acts of motherly love, Moses was raised and trained in the courts of Pharaoh. Years later, God used this training as Moses led the Children of Israel to their Promised Land.

Only eternity will show how God uses the love and nurture of mothers to help accomplish His purposes in the earth.

On this Mother’s Day, I pray that God will bless you if you are a mother – and also that He will pour out His love upon the mothers and mother figures in your life.


God bless,

David Cerullo


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