Your Season of Miracles

David CerulloBy David CerulloApril 6, 20228 Minutes

I know that Christmastime can be a very busy season. And as much as I love this time of the year, there always seems to be an endless stream of distractions pulling at us from every side.

Whether because of financial pressures, strained relationships, health problems, or just the busyness of the holidays, some people see Christmas as a time of stress, pain, or depression rather than joy.

The good news is you don’t have to despair if you are experiencing difficult circumstances today. You may be in the midst of heartache, trials, sorrow, and suffering, but you can rely on the One who restores and strengthens your soul.

Remember, God wants to empower you to live in victory and abundance today. He wants to give you the power of His Spirit, not as a luxury but as a necessity. If you need a breakthrough from God, you can trust your Lord to do the impossible in your life right now!

This is the season for your miracles!

You Are Highly Favored

Just think about that moment in Scripture when the angel Gabriel spoke to Mary, “Rejoice, highly favored one, the Lord is with you; blessed are you among women!” (Luke 1:28).

Of course, the angel’s message was great news. Mary was “highly favored” … the Lord was with her … and she was blessed!

I encourage you to take a few moments to read Gabriel’s proclamation again because God wants to give YOU this same message today. He wants you to know you are highly favored and blessed. And He wants to reveal Himself as Immanuel, the One who is always with you (Matthew 1:23).

However, Mary didn’t immediately celebrate Gabriel’s announcement. “She was troubled,” and the mighty angel had to calm her fears: “Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God” (Luke 1:29-30).

This is a great lesson for us as well. Mary was right on the brink of an incredible breakthrough of God’s favor, but she had to overcome FEAR, so her faith could take control of her mind.

My friend, hear this message loud and clear: You must never allow fear to hold you back from obeying God and receiving His blessings in your life! Listen to what God is saying … then do it! Your faith will conquer the fear if you fully surrender your heart and will to His!

Nothing Is Impossible

Just as salvation is a free gift of God, so are the blessings He wants to give us. A miracle cannot happen through human power. It’s a supernatural manifestation of God that comes into our daily lives to deal with events and circumstances that can’t be dealt with any other way.

God’s purpose for miracles is to fulfill His will, confirm His Word, and provide for the needs of His people.

God was about to do something GREAT in Mary’s life, and I’m convinced He wants to do something great in your life as well. But perhaps you are skeptical, just as Mary was. “How can this be?” she asked (Luke 1:34).

Mary knew that God’s incredible promises to her were impossible without a miracle, and Gabriel explained how the miracle would occur: “The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Highest will overshadow you” (Luke 1:35).

Similarly, God wants His power to “overshadow” whatever difficult situation you’re facing today. A health crisis? A family conflict? A financial setback? No matter what you are dealing with, God can give you victory through His supernatural favor.

“But David,” you may be thinking, “my problems are so severe I doubt even God can help me!”

Mary must have felt the same way. That’s why Gabriel told her this amazing truth …

“With God NOTHING will be impossible!”

When the Bible says nothing is impossible with God, it means NOTHING. So go ahead and pray BIG prayers for your Christmas miracle! But as you pray, make sure to listen for God’s instructions, as Mary did. “Let it be to me according to your word” (Luke 1:38). You see, God wanted to do miracles in Mary’s life, but it was
crucial for her to submit her life to Him and obey His directives.

So let me ask you two vital questions this Christmas season:

• What miracle do you need in your life?
• What step of faith and obedience is the Lord asking you to DO?

Pause for a moment and consider the answer to these questions. Be specific about what you need from God – and ask Him to give you specific directions on how to unlock your miracle breakthrough.

A New Song

When you receive God’s favor and believe His promises, He will put a new song in your heart, just as He did for Mary as she saw God’s goodness unfold in her life:

My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior, for he has been mindful of the humble state of his servant.

From now on all generations will call me blessed, for the Mighty One has done great things for me – holy is his name (Luke 1:46-49 NIV).

Take a few minutes to meditate on this beautiful testimony of God’s favor. You may even want to write your own song of praise. Magnify the Lord, focusing on Him instead of on your problems. Rejoice in His goodness, and humble yourself in His presence. Thank Him for the miracle breakthroughs that you have and will receive because of the promises in His Word.

As you give and receive gifts this Christmas season, take time to be thankful for the greatest gift of all … the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. And make sure to sow generous seeds into His Kingdom, so lost people around the world can hear the Good News of His love and favor.

God bless you,

David Sig

David Cerullo