Leslie Schilling and Feed Yourself

John FarrellBy John Farrell2 Minutes

Leslie Schilling’s book, Feed Yourself: Step Away from the Lies of Diet Culture and into Your Divine Design helps readers understand diet-culture myths, fight the lies told (and sold), and discover the truth about health and well-being. “The negative influence of diet culture takes our time and attention away from using the gifts God has given us,” says Schilling. “It is so hard to use our spiritual gifts when we’re not fed. We can’t think. We can’t serve. We begin to serve macros and calories and the scale, forfeiting our gifts that bring glory to God.”

Schilling is a registered dietitian, sports nutritionist, and nutrition therapist. She owns a coaching practice, Schilling Nutrition LLC, specializing in nutrition counseling for families, people with disordered eating concerns, professional athletes, and performers. In addition to running her practice, she has served as a performance nutrition consultant for Cirque de Soleil and as an expert contributor to U.S. News & World Report, sharing advice on parenting and health.

When she’s not spending time with her family Las Vegas, you can find her sharing anti-diet messages through media and on speaking platforms across the nation.

Schilling joins Inspiration Ministries’ John Farrell to discuss Feed Yourself, as well as such topics as ways the diet culture can impact your relationship with God, how embracing your divine design can help you find food freedom, how to find health and body positivity through faith, letting yourself go yet maintaining healthy boundaries, the different myths we’ve been told about our bodies, and much more.

Watch the interview below and order your copy of Feed Yourself: Step Away from the Lies of Diet Culture and into Your Divine Design by Leslie Schilling.