A COVID Miracle!

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration MinistriesAugust 31, 20222 Minutes

Deborah knew she didn’t have time to be sick. Her life revolved around meeting the needs of her husband, son, and parents, and with a job outside the home as well, she didn’t have time to focus on herself. Others admonished her to slow down, but she didn’t see how that was possible.

Then COVID interrupted her plans. She became very sick with the virus, but God had prepared her beforehand by leading her to watch a Campmeeting broadcast. Responding to that night’s message, Deborah felt as if she had a shield that blocked fear from entering her heart. “Planting my seed gave my faith roots, and I knew I would be okay,” she explained, “but it was a very difficult time. I didn’t eat for twelve days and spent three days in the hospital. Those twelve days were like a fast for the Lord.”

On the twelfth day of not eating, Deborah called the Inspiration Ministries Prayer Center. The Lord led our prayer minister to use Psalm 103 as an encouragement. The Word soaked into Deborah’s spirit, and she gained enough strength to take a refreshing, hot bath.

“I was so weak, walking to the tub was an act of faith. I felt like the woman who simply believed touching the hem of Jesus’ garment was the key to her healing. Every step I took declared my faith in His healing.

“COVID became my opportunity to surrender everything to God. And when I did that, He worked miracles in my life! For two months, all I could do was read. COVID gave me an incredible time of restoration and renewal. I’ve learned to make time for myself, and I am healed of all diseases, just like He promised!”

What God has done for Deborah, He can do for YOU! Our prayer ministers would love to agree with you in prayer for the breakthrough you need.

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