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Begin Again & 52 Weeks with Jesus

by Assorted

If you’ve been stuck in circumstances that seem difficult or even unbearable, perhaps you’ve wondered if there’s an answer. Help is on the way!

Begin Again: Your Hope and Renewal Start Today will show you that it’s
never too late to start again! In this life-changing book by Max Lucado,
you’ll discover how to…

  • Rekindle your trust in God’s faithfulness
  • Restore your hope in the promises of God
  • Find a new sense of purpose and passion for your life

You'll also receive a powerpacked set of books by James Merritt! 52 Weeks With Jesus offers a roadmap to the heart of God. Dr. Merritt is an amazing guide who directs your attention to the unparalleled beauties of Jesus Christ. With the book and companion devotional book, you’ll find 2022 to be a year of:

  • Growing in grace and humility
  • Rekindling your passion for Jesus
  • Becoming more like Jesus