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Rest in His Presence

by Assorted

While it’s true that God is all around you, and it’s also true that God wants to be with you, the choice to enter His presence is yours! Enjoying His presence flows out of purposefully choosing to worship Him.

In Derek Prince’s book Entering the Presence of God, you will explore the deeper dimensions of worship, intensify your intimacy with God, and marvel as God transforms your life. The magnificence of God’s promises unfolds as you enter His presence more fully. Prince equips you to receive:

  • Supernatural strength and power
  • Fullness of the Holy Spirit
  • Freedom from the power of guilt and sin
  • Clearer communication with God
  • Healing rest

PLUS: To complement your deeper connection to God, we want to send you our Inspiration Anointing Oil. This is the perfect gift for a new supernatural life in God. Anointing oils work hand in hand with your prayers for breakthroughs, symbolizing blessing, protection, and healing for yourself and loved ones.