Your Unplowed Ground

Your Unplowed Ground

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The people of Judah had drifted away from God and embraced idolatry. They had chosen to walk in evil ways. How were they to respond? He told them to “break up your unplowed ground” (NIV).

This ground symbolized things in their lives that were fruitless where nothing productive was growing. They had sown seeds, but sowed in wrong places – “among thorns.” These “thorns” were thoughts, activities, and actions that choked the life out of the seeds and prevented them from developing and bearing fruit.

God’s promises still were true. But the presence of thorns prevented the full development of these seeds. By sowing in “unplowed ground,” the seeds simply would not grow.

The fact is that God has given each of us many kinds of “seeds” – our time, talents, and treasures. Just as the farmer reaps a harvest by sowing his seeds, we reap a harvest by sowing our seeds. But our lives can be robbed of God’s blessings if we have unplowed ground or if we sow our seeds in the wrong places.

Today, think about where you are sowing your seeds. Where are you investing your time, energy, and resources? Are you spending time with the wrong people or pursuing the wrong goals?

Ask God to help you break up your unplowed ground. Humble yourself before Him. Repent of any sin. Invest your resources and energies in activities that will bear fruit for His kingdom.