Your Heart

Your Heart

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Many in the modern world grow weary of the relentless cycle of nonstop activities and constant pressures and worries that seems to dominate their schedules. Some, craving a simpler lifestyle, find inspiration in Walden, or Life in the Woods, published on this day in 1854 by Henry David Thoreau.

This book records Thoreau’s experiences in a hand-built cabin, where he spent two years in partial seclusion at Walden Pond near his home in Concord, Massachusetts. There, he tried to be free from the pressures of daily life. In Jesus’ words, this seclusion can be used to escape the tendency to be dominated by the material things of this world.

Today, many people, even believers, find themselves constantly busy, caught up in daily pressures. It may not be practical to drop out of everything, like Thoreau. Yet they wonder if there is a way to find balance and peace.

The world offers many suggestions for dealing with pressures and stress. But as many believers can confirm, the best answer is to apply Biblical principles and turn to God and His Word.

Do you feel these burdens? Consider your life and what you do with the time and resources God has given you. Remember Jesus’ words: “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

Make a commitment to invest your treasures with God. Seek first His Kingdom. Let Him calm your heart and give you order and peace.